What is the Matrix Pocket Android?

The Matrix Pocket is a special license plate identification software developed for Android smartphones.

The first member of the Matrix Software family has been used by the Hungarian police since 1994. Our latest development is the Matrix-Pocket, which is a smartphone application. For checking a plate number number plate you can simply type in the license plate number or you can catch it using the smartphones camera.

The world first Android anpr system gives a unique opportunity for police and civil guard to check a mass of vehicles in minutes.

  • pipa Real time video recognition
  • pipa Manually number input
  • pipa Online vehicle database usage
  • pipa GPS tag to recognized number plates
  • pipa Photo database

The devices can check license plates entered, or seen by the camera automatically in their own internal, or in a remote servers database and can generate an alarm immediately if any abnormality is found.

Video presentations

Matrix Pocket – test in practice 

Matrix Pocket – test with following of the movement

The verification can either be done by black or white list:

  • Black list is typically the list of wanted cars. The device gives alarm if you it finds a license plate number, which is included in the list.
    This function is have been used by police and auxiliary police successfully.
  • White list is typically the parking fee paid cars list. If the car registration number is found in the list, there will be no alert, only if the plate is not included in the list that means the parking fee is not paid.
    This function provides effective assistance for companies who deal with parking place control. Read more … 

When a wanted car is found, the smartphone immediately rings and save the photo of the car, so you will not miss any vehicle even if you are a car detective, or a parking guard!

By valid GPS – and connection to database – the software saves the GPS coordinates as well.


Another 2 clever features of Matrix Pocket: logfile and photoalbum

  • The Matrix Pocket software logs all indentified plate number plate with date and time stamp.
  • The anpr system stores the  photo of all vehicles which licence number was recognized. You can also make and store photo from other events or vehicles, for example from a vehicle without number plate.
  • The Matrix-Pocket software stores all controlled car current GPS position in the logfile next to the plate number plate, by clicking on the position the smartphone instantly shows the former place of identification on Google map.

The Matrix Pocket automatic number plate recognition software is extremely easy to use, no pre-knowledge is necessary.

The Matrix Pocket is suitable for recognizing number plates of standing and/or moving vehicles, although it is important to note that the reading success of moving vehicle registration number depends largely on the smartphone’s processor performance, and the quality of the camera.


The Matrix Pocket anpr system operation in practice

User layout of the Matrix Pocket

The Matrix Pocket  was developed for ease ease of use and transparency as well.

The Matrix Pocket program can be used by anyone, no pre-knowledge necessary.

Recommended accessories

Although the Matrix-Pocket is the smallest anpr system and can be easily stored, for a longer roadside usage is a tripod useful. For car use are a windshield mount phone holder, a car charger recommended. By catching moving vehicles license number a special lense is also helpful.

For night usage is additional light source required.

matrix pocket accesories

Fields of application

  • Car control roadside and/or by car
  • Private car parking control. Read more …

Compatible devices for Matrix-Pocket ANPR MATRIX-Pocket software had been tested with the following devices:


Galaxy Mini Galaxy Gio Galaxy Ace Galaxy SII Galaxy Note Galaxy 10.1


Desire desire HD Sensation XE

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