Ladányi Gyula

Ladányi Gyula

Comproject Computing Ltd the predecessor of the Saturn Informatics Ltd. has dealt with hardware and software development, design and manufacturing since 1981.

One of the biggest project was the successful installation of the monitoring system of the Hungarian nuclear power plant reactors in Paks.

The Saturnus IT Ltd. has decades of history in cooperation with the Law Enforcement Bodies and Auxiliary Police. Our relationship began in 1993 with automatic number plate recognition equipment development to detect wanted vehicles – it was the world’s very first and we are still one of the leading developers.

Over the time our equipments helped to find thousands of stolen vehicles and return to their rightful owners.

These tools have many beneficial properties moreover they will ensure that you have to check only those vehicles, where the records show that something is wrong. This reduces the unnecessary harassment of law-abiding citizens and the number of traffic disruptions caused by vehicle controls.

We hope that you find in it the features and information you need.

Our license plate identification solutions cover several areas:

The Matrix-Gate system was specially developed for control Gate crossing, guarded gates, highways and strategically important road junctions.

One of our biggest projects was a system installed throughout the country border, wich has documented and verified all vehicles entries and exits.

Our automatic number plate identification equipment installed in patrol cars, known as Matrix Police become extremely popular due to their efficiency by the police and by auxiliary police.

Due to our ANPR system many thousands of stolen vehicles have been found over the years and returned to their rightful owners.

Addition to their many advantages these tools also ensure that only those vehicles will be stopped, where the systems shows that something is wrong. This reduces the unnecessary harassment of law-abiding citizens and the number of disruptions caused by traffic controls

The success of Matrix Police forced us to develope a handheld based number plate recognition software the Matrix Pocket, which runs on Windows Mobile and Android OS environments.

The Matrix Pocket mainly patrols made – just a smart phone is needed – to quickly, simply and easily check the vehicle registration numbers, but with great success using the civil guards, and more recently – a special development capabilities (Matrix PARK) – is the parking companies.

We are glad about the international interest in our solutions.

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