Number Plate identification based automatic vehicle access control, which is suitable to manage the entry of vehicles for car parks, depots, residential, protected industrial and military sites.


Structure of the Matrix Gate

The Matrix Gate system is made up of three parts.

  1. Gate operating program (GATE)
  2. Administration program (ADMIN)
  3. Database management program (Firebird)


Gate operating program (GATE)

The Gate program is running on the computer at the gates. It tasks are the foowing:

  • It manages the installed video cameras at the gate.
  • Handling of the barriers.
  • It checks that the vehicle with the read license is eligible for passage or not.
  • Printing one-time entry permits.
  • Operator (clerk) log in/out.
  • Gives information about free park places.


Administration program (ADMIN)

It tasks are the following:

  • Passing through query
  • Permissions management
  • Managing Partners
  • User management
  • Export lists to HTML, TXT, XLS and XML format
  • Data archiving
  • Operator log in/out
  • System configuration


Database management program (Firebird)

The database management program is a SQL-based database server.


Using the Matrix Gate

The GATE program is made up of modules. Each module is a separate small window on the screen.


Camera module

Matrix-Gate Kamera modul

Matrix-Gate Camera Modul

The camera module displays on the screen the image of the camera. More cameras can belong to a band, but only one camera is involved in the identification. However, it may be necessary that the operator can see the other cameras on the screen as well. So many camera windows can be placed on the screen as many cameras are connected to the computer running the GATE program.


Indentification module

This module performs the vehicle identification and control of the barrier. We could say this is the “soul” of the system.

Passing through module

The system makes available a list of passes and all the data of the passed through vehicle.

To display detailed information you can press the + button at the beginning of the line.


Matrix-Gate Áthaladások modul

Matrix-Gate Passing through module

Free places module

The window shows the total amount of free space for cars and for trucks. Informs the operator of the current situation. It will be updated at every passing occasion.

Matrix-Gate szabad helyek modul

Matrix-Gate free places module

Temporary permission module

It is possible to give temporary permits at the gates. The temporary license is different from the permanent authorization, it becomes invalid after the vehicle departure. This licence is valid for one entry and leave, or only for one departure. Temporary authorization will only be accepted by the system, if the vehicle has no valid license.

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