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Became our regional partner, and you can gain constant, predictable income for you and your company!

We are looking for partners in Europe, the Americas and Asia!

For license plate identification software and system solutions of the Saturnus IT Ltd. is a demand by all police, auxiliary police, car parking companies and by companies where gate controll is a need.

The demand is assured, the background is completely given.


You can count on excellent result if you:

  • have built and “live” connection to police and auxiliary police decision-makers
  • are dealing with vehicle access control systems (industrial facilities, protected objects, parking lots, residential areas)
  • are dealing with private parking operating systems
  • are a successful software vendor you have significant experience in managing complex software systems sales (Matrix software is not a game or a simple office software!)


Why cooperate with the Saturn Informatics Ltd.?

The Saturnus IT Ltd. has almost 20 years experience with video-camera license plate recognition systems and has always paid attention to human-centered application development.

In 1994, Saturnus Informatics Ltd has developed the world’s first reliable, fast, and stable operating automatic number plate recognition system, which can indentify in a second even fast-moving vehicles registration number.

Our experienced developpers created the world’s first Android smartphone automatic number plate recognition software in 2011.

For our new partners we provide full training, promotional material, technical and commercial support.

We present the Matrix software operation Step-by-step. We share with you our sales experience in order to make our cooperation smoother.

Become our partner and start with profit!

Save on the hard and risky work of product development! We have the right software, we have developed and tested it many times!

So far, more than 600 Matrix number plate recognition software are installed by us!

You and your company does not have to deal with this, our partners are straight connected to the profit-producing phase.

6 reasons why you should connect to the Matrix Software Partner Program:

    1. A marketable product to expand your activities, which provide a continuous demand, sales,
    2. You can acces a new market area with minimum investment – no risk,
    3. We offer a countless number of times tested and proven stable software. Today, more than 600 installations, and satisfied users, such as the Hungarian Police and the nuclear power plant of Paks are the guarantee for the Matrix license plate identifier reliable operation
    4. Due to the commission, maximum profit is available by a minimal investment,
    5. You do not need to invent we have developed it for your succes. The Matrix license plate identification software include 20 years of experience.
    6. You do not need to put your money in development, testing or stock. You can save the costs of storage and other related costs.


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