Matrix Pocket Android

What is the Matrix Pocket Android?

The Matrix Pocket is a special license plate identification software developed for Android smartphones.

The first member of the Matrix Software family has been used by the Hungarian police since 1994. Our latest development is the Matrix-Pocket, which is a smartphone application. For checking a plate number number plate you can simply type in the license plate number or you can catch it using the smartphones camera.

The world first Android anpr system gives a unique opportunity for police and civil guard to check a mass of vehicles in minutes.


Matrix Police

What is the Matrix Police
ANPR System?

The MATRIX Police is a special number plate recognition software, which until now has many times proved the efficiency and reliability. The Hungarian police has been using this number plate recognition system since 1994.

The Matrix Police can be installed in a patrol car and is able to catch the licence plate number of vehicles even at high speed.


Parts of the Matrix Police ANPR system

The Matrix Police automatic number plate recognition system consist of a traffic monitoring video camera, an image processing computer and the needed connection cables and power supply.


Matrix Park

How works the Matrix Park system?

By Parking companies one of the biggest problem is the effective and rapid control of parking cars. It is very important to have access to the database quickly and safely. It is also important to controll the work of the staff.

Fortunately, this problem has gone, because the Matrix Pocket number plate recognation software developed specifically for the parking companies (running on smartphones) offers an effective solution.